Through our publications, we are fully committed to helping organisations like the Police and Fire Service share best practice and advance understanding through our links to higher education, industry professionals and expert contributors. This information is then distributed to our rapidly growing readership throughout the UK.

We deliver publications of an exceptionally high standard, produced by a team of dedicated in-house designers and editorial staff. We know from experience there is still a great demand for print publications which are becoming ever more specialised as the way we consume information changes in line with advances in technology.

As niche market publishers we are in a position to cater for and understand the needs of our consumers. By applying this knowledge are able to offer a range of publishing services on a contract basis including magazines, diaries, programmes and information booklets.

The Billboard Magazine

"The Billboard is a key publication for our client e-Crime Wales. Always open to ideas, without compromising editorial integrity, we trust that any comment from our client will preserve its core message and remain relevant to police officers across the country. The Billboard is consistently in touch with the news agenda and doesn’t simply gloss over the facts, it offers an in-depth insight into current and emerging issues that police officers face every day, making it a must-read for forces and our client."

Bethan Davies, Account Manager, Working Word PR

The Burning Issue Magazine

"The Burning Issue is a breath of fresh air. The stories that are featured cover all aspects of The Fire & Rescue Service; ranging from Campaigns and Charity events, to industry news and safety issues. It’s bright and fresh, and easy to dip in and out of."

Alison White, PR Manager - The Fire Fighters Charity