The Burning Issue

The Burning Issue

The first edition of The Burning Issue was produced in 2003. The magazine then, as now, is dedicated to the UK's fire and rescue service and has since grown to become one of the industry's leading publications distributed to all UK fire and rescue service divisions in the UK.

The magazine is a valued and unrivalled source of information for anyone involved or indeed interested in the vital work of the UK's Fire and Rescue Service. We are continuously aiming to improve the look and feel of the magazine and our website to fit with the needs of our target audience which includes UK firefighters, support staff and fire service related charities.

The fire service in the 21st century is evolving and adapting to meet the changing needs of society, but the purpose of the Burning Issue remains the same, we seek to inform educate and create awareness of the key campaigns and initiatives of the fire service. The magazine and its online counterpart provides a forum to communicate news, views and best practice information, which can then be shared with fire service colleagues throughout the UK.

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The Billboard Magazine

"The Billboard is a key publication for our client e-Crime Wales. Always open to ideas, without compromising editorial integrity, we trust that any comment from our client will preserve its core message and remain relevant to police officers across the country. The Billboard is consistently in touch with the news agenda and doesn’t simply gloss over the facts, it offers an in-depth insight into current and emerging issues that police officers face every day, making it a must-read for forces and our client."

Bethan Davies, Account Manager, Working Word PR

The Burning Issue Magazine

"The Burning Issue is a breath of fresh air. The stories that are featured cover all aspects of The Fire & Rescue Service; ranging from Campaigns and Charity events, to industry news and safety issues. It’s bright and fresh, and easy to dip in and out of."

Alison White, PR Manager - The Fire Fighters Charity