About Us

Founded in 2003, United Awareness Publishing Limited is committed to producing publications of consistently high quality.

We aim to build on the success we have already achieved in the emergency services magazine sector, where our primary focus has been to draw attention to the important topics of emergency service news, campaigns, initiatives and related charity events.

We create magazines that bring together news and opinion gathered from Police Forces and Fire Services nationwide. The magazines are available in print and online via our websites www.theburningissue.co.uk and www.thebillboard.co.uk to ensure that our readers can gain access to and informed of the latest developments within the services.

Our goal is to expand our portfolio of publications that serve to educate and inspire. We endeavour to bring readers up-to-date information inside publications and magazines that are both contemporary in design and enjoyable to read.

The Billboard Magazine

"The Billboard is a key publication for our client e-Crime Wales. Always open to ideas, without compromising editorial integrity, we trust that any comment from our client will preserve its core message and remain relevant to police officers across the country. The Billboard is consistently in touch with the news agenda and doesn’t simply gloss over the facts, it offers an in-depth insight into current and emerging issues that police officers face every day, making it a must-read for forces and our client."

Bethan Davies, Account Manager, Working Word PR

The Burning Issue Magazine

"The Burning Issue is a breath of fresh air. The stories that are featured cover all aspects of The Fire & Rescue Service; ranging from Campaigns and Charity events, to industry news and safety issues. It’s bright and fresh, and easy to dip in and out of."

Alison White, PR Manager - The Fire Fighters Charity